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Hi, my name is Justin Montoya, I am the president of We Buy Houses Cash KC. I am 37 years old, and the proud father of two wonderful boys. My son Aidan is 14 years old and already six feet tall. He is a really great basketball player, and was recently the MVP of his team. My younger son Brennan is 12. He is a real good-looking, very charming, kind-hearted kid and He has an excellent sense of humor. Four months ago, I married a wonderful woman named Heidi who is one of the kindest, most giving people you will ever meet. I come from a large family, with two parents and six siblings. My family is very important to me.


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Justin’s Experience

I first got started in the real estate business six years ago. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, and have had numerous sales and customer service jobs. I’ve worked at DST Systems as a mutual funds representative. I’ve worked for Sprint. and ADT Systems to name a few. I also owned a couple of my own businesses, which I tried and failed at before finding my niche in real estate.

Honestly I struggled for a while to find my niche. Eventually I read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and it inspired me to try real estate I knew after reading that book that real estate investing is what I wanted to do with my life. So for the past 6 years I have been doing real estate I started learning the business from a mentor and another mentor and have been continually learning and honing my craft year after year and have probably bought and sold near 100 houses in the past 6 years.

Justin’s Qualifications for doing business

Last year I got my real estate license, and have worked with Keller Williams and am currently an agent with United Real Estate. So, whether you need to sell your house for cash or list your property on the MLS, I can help. Real estate is my passion and I love to buy and sell homes and find creative solutions to help people get out of difficult situations with their fixer upper and inherited properties.  If you are looking to get a quick and fair cash offer for your home, contact us today.


From a very young age, I always dreamed of greatness. The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was an astronaut, simply because that was the biggest, most incredible thing I could imagine. Soon after that, my family hit some hard times and my younger brother Simon and I went to stay with my aunt Kim for a brief period.My family was going through some very hard times so my brother and i stayed with my Aunt and Uncle. When my aunt Kim asked me what I wanted to be, I said i wanted to be a businessman. I still remember standing in the kitchen that day when she asked me i remember it vividly. When i said that I was thinking about one of my other uncles, he was a CPA and He drove a really nice car a Corvette. It was a pace car. It was blue with white racing stripes i still remember it until this day. It also had red leather interior. Up until that point, that was definitely the nicest car that I had ever seen or been able to sit in. I told Aunt Kim that I wanted to be businessman or an entrepreneur just like this uncle of mine. I would be wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, and driving a Corvette. I decided that when I grew up, I would create a better life for myself: nice car, nice house, nice life. To this day having grow up poor and not having the finer things in life as a child is what drives me to do my best for myself and my family i never want to go without and live in lack. It was from this dream that We Buy Cash KC was born.

We Buy Cash KC was born out of my need for greatness, my need to solve very real problems in my own life. I was never one to sit back and let events play out around me. Instead, I take action. I find a solution. I make things work out. For myself and my family, and also for my customers. I enjoy the challenge of guiding a customer through a sticky situation so that they can sell their house. Of course, not all my customers are in a sticky situation, and that’s great. I’m never opposed to an easy and predictable sale. But what really sets We Buy Cash KC apart is our ability to rise to the challenge. I have experience with pre-foreclosure, judgments, liens, back taxes, if you are wanting to move, fire damaged homes, if you have inherited a property, are a tired landlord or are an investor just looking to sell a portfolio of homes. When people give me a call, I really listen. I work hard to help my customers find solutions so that they are able to successfully sell their home.

At We Buy Cash KC, one of our values is to give back to the world for every one of our customers who sells a home, we sponsor a child from a poor nation for one year. This means that the child has food, clothes, and goes to school because you chose to sell your home with us.

At We Buy Cash KC, one of our values is to give back to the world for every one of our customers who sells a home, we sponsor a child from a poor nation for one year.

– Justin Montoya