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How to Choose the Best “We Buy Houses Kansas City” Real Estate Investment Company

Have you received a post card in the mail with the message, “We Buy Houses Kansas City”? If so, that’s from a real estate investor. These are the types of promotions our company uses, along with many other real estate investors. However, not all real estate investors offer the same options for purchasing a property.

At We Buy Cash KC, we offer a trustworthy and tailored real estate solution for homeowners. Our goal is to create a win-win scenario. This means we do not overpromise on what we can deliver. Instead, we provide honest information to our clients.

The We Buy Cash KC Difference

We hear stories everyday about real estate investors that promise a high cash price within seven days.
While this may be true for some properties, this isn’t realistic for most properties.
If you are already in a financial bind, you don’t want to feel tricked by a real estate investor.

Instead, we offer only realistic options and often that takes more than seven days. We are upfront with our estimated timeframe to close. While the timeframe is usually shorter than the traditional sales method, we still must follow the right process to protect both of our interests.

Before we can buy, we need a title company to ensure the house does not have any undisclosed liens. If we can’t sell the property due to liens, we’ll be in trouble. Also, we can’t guarantee a price until we know the amount owed on the property.

We believe an honest approach like ours provides peace of mind and establishes trust. Plus, real estate is a relationship business. We know scoring a quick deal today that harms the client isn’t worth it to our conscience or our reputation. We’ll bet on integrity every time!

Three Reasons We Buy Houses Kansas City

1 – We Love Real Estate
Real estate offers a path to wealth. We love that real estate doesn’t require fancy degrees or generational wealth to find success. Real estate provides a professional career where hard work, loyalty and integrity pays off.

2 – We Have a Heart for Service
Through real estate investing, we’ve found a way to help people who need a second chance. Often, the people we purchase houses from need a way out of their current financial situation without being at the mercy of the lienholders. We can offer that real estate solution.

3 – We Offer Two Solutions
At We Buy Cash KC, we can buy your property or act as a real estate agent to sell your property. This two-option solution gives you, as the seller, more control over the outcome. We realized not every client could wait for the traditional sales process. Acting as a real estate investor sometimes creates the best solution for property owners.

The Real Estate Investor Buying Process- We Buy Houses Kansas City

One of the first steps when we work with a client is to determine whether purchasing the property as an investor is the best fit. For some properties, it works best to act as the real estate agent to help the client sell the property.

Once it’s determined that we’ll acquire the property as an investment, we start the process to purchase the property. Property owners select this option for many different reasons. These include: tax delinquency, probate properties, foreclosure, disrepair, divorce, death and more.

Whatever the reason, our goal is to offer a solution that creates a win for all parties. This is how we maintain a solid reputation and build quality relationships with our clients. We prioritize under promising and overdelivering.

After we collect the initial information about your home, like the size, age, location and lien amounts, we make an estimate of the amount it will take to prepare the property for sale. We take the estimated costs of repairs and liens in combination with what we think we can sale the property for to determine a fair cash offer.

Once you accept the offer, we produce an initial purchase agreement that includes certain terms and conditions but includes the amount and close time for the property. This allows us to move forward with a title company toward the closing.

The title company investigates the property to ensure there are no liens or judgments. This step determines if the property is sellable with title insurance. If a real estate investor tells you they skip this step, that’s a red flag.

The closing takes place at the title company. We place the cash offer in escrow before the closings. This lets you know you will receive the promised payment for the property. The title company manages the transfer of funds. This provides peace of mind for the seller.

Beware of real estate scams! These happen regularly. A title company helps ensure the process flows smoothly for the buyer and seller at the closing. At the end of the closing, you receive payment through the title company. Then, We Buy Cash KC takes ownership of the property.

Make the Best Decision for Your Financial Future

Don’t let financial fear or panic lead you to a poor financial decision.
Take the time to research the real estate investing company interested in buying your property.
Also, ensure they follow a safe process for closing on the property, like using a title company.

Don’t settle for an unfair offer. Look for a company with the experience to guide you in the process. Also, the real estate investor needs to explain the math behind the offer. This will give you confidence to move forward.

Selling a property, no matter what your current financial state, impacts your financial future. Work with a buyer that understands and respects this. At We Buy Cash KC, we value integrity.

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