Guide to We Buy Ugly Houses Kansas

We Buy Ugly Houses Kansas City
Not all homes are “pretty” by popular opinion. In fact, some are just downright ugly. Maybe, it’s the eye-numbing architectural design or the outdated interior? Whatever the issue, ugly homes can be a tediously slow nightmare to sale in Kansas City. So, how do you sell it and move on with your life? Let’s look at your options.

Market Ugly Homes To The Right Crowd- We Buy Ugly Houses Kansas

Selling an ugly house fast on the open market, as-is, and without heavy lifting or expense often requires you to target a very specific buyer. These are the rehab experts, flippers, and handymen.

Flippers and rehab exerts aren’t looking for the gem of the neighborhood. They want flawed, ugly homes that they can use their skills and connections to transform into a profitable investment. Handyman buyers are looking for similar homes that they can customize or extend their buying dollar through sweat equity.

This buyer pool is constantly searching through real estate marketing materials and listings for homes based on keywords like rehab, TLC, and as-is.

Invest In Making Your Ugly Home Market-Ready

The typical buyer focuses on move-in-ready homes with no major repair or upgrade needs. It’s a tall order for a beautiful house, much less an ugly one.

The market-ready tactic involves a financial commitment to possibly sell your home quicker. You fix what makes the house ugly and unappealing to the degree that it’s a worthwhile ROI (return of investment.) What makes a repair or upgrade a worthwhile investment?

Couple Invested Money In Repairing Their Home

That’s a tricky question. Any money invested in repairing/upgrading your home remains a gamble that the buyer is going to appreciate it, particularly in a buyer’s market that allows them to be highly selective and critical. That said, some upgrades/repairs have a solid history of getting homes sold faster, including:

  • Sprucing up bad curb appeal with a new front door, garage door, siding, roofing, windows
  • Kitchen updates
  • Bathroom updates
  • Repairing hazards
  • Eliminating unsightly stains
  • Eliminating pungent smells
  • Fresh paint
  • Fresh flooring
  • Eliminating leaks and squeaks
  • Addressing termite, mold, and pest problems
  • Landscaping
  • Professional cleaning

Most of these have an average ROI of at least 70 percent and go a long way toward motivating buyers. Over-improvement in any area will likely bring you disappointment, however. So, keep the caliber and cost of the upgrade/repair congruent with the home’s value and only to the extent that it brings universal functional, modest aesthetics and returnable value to the home.

Staging Your Home to Sell

In addition to move-in-ready, most buyers want a neutral canvas to infuse their own style. Too bare, however, some buyers feel overwhelmed, can’t see the potential, or become hyper-focused on the negatives.

Staging Your Home To Sell Quickly In Kansas City

Staging a home to sell is a strategic way to detract from what makes a home ugly and focus on its positive qualities. It makes use of tactics like lightening, color, decor, groupings, and de-cluttering to make spaces feel and look as appealing as possible.

Reduce the Price And/Or Offer Buyer Allowances

Pricing your home to sell will make or break selling an ugly home fast. Money talks to homebuyers in Kansas City, and buyers who feel they’re getting a good deal on a home are more inclined to overlook the ugly.

Get a professional inspection to identify major repairs and cosmetic issues. Use the information to make appropriate pricing adjustments and/or buyer allowances and credits.

Use We Buy Cash KC for An Immediate No-Stress Sale

If you don’t have time, money, nor energy for all the prep work to sell your home fast, get in touch with a real estate investor to offload your home for a fair price and move on with your life. You avoid all upfront expenses, don’t do any work, and you don’t even have to face sharing the selling price with real estate agents.

While the selling price may be slightly lower than if you spent weeks to months prepping your home and waiting for it to sell on the open market, professional home-buying companies purchase ugly houses immediately. They’re able to offer you a price within hours to days of contacting them, and the entire closing process can be completed within just a few weeks.

What Route Will You Take To Get Your Ugly Home Sold Fast?

Now that you now your best options for selling an ugly house fast, which will you choose? You likely noticed that targeted marketing, making it market-ready, staging it to sell, and even pricing it to sell can still result in you being patient while the right buyer finds your home. It’s still a wait and hope situation. We Buy Cash KC is the only option with a built-in buyer in the equation to offer you an assurance of immediacy when you need your home sold now rather than later.