Timeframe to Sell your House For Cash Versus Traditional Financing

Sell Your House Quickly Kansas City

Selling a home through traditional real estate methods takes time.

Did you know that it takes 30 to 45 days to close after a buyer is located is due to the mortgage financing requirements?

For homeowners that need to sell quickly due to foreclosure, property damage, divorce, inherited property or other issues, the timeframe required to work with a real estate agent is simply too long.

Instead, you can sell your Kansas City home for cash in as quickly as two to three weeks. Not only that, but you can avoid commission costs and sell your property as is.

This shortens the timeframe even more. Don’t settle for unreasonable timeframes that leave you in financial jeopardy. Work with a qualified real estate investor, like We Buy Houses Cash KC, to get the money you need without the hassle.

Steps to Sell A Home with a Real Estate Agent

When you sell your home through a real estate agent, there are several steps to the process. Each step adds time to when you’ll actually receive money from the sale of your home.

1 – Selecting an agent – First, you must find and choose an agent to work with. Most agents require a 6% commission on the sale’s price of your home.

2 – Create a marketing plan – Before your agent lists your home, they must market your home by listing it online and preparing printed marketing materials.

Marketing Plan For Real Estate

3 – Preparing your home to sell – A real estate agent expects your home to look its best before the listing goes live. This means you must clean and repair your home first.

4 – Showings – Once your home is listed, potential homebuyers will want to see your property before they make an offer. For each interested buyer, a showing is expected. This means your home must be presentable and all people and pets must leave the property during the showing.

5 – Accepting an offer – Once an offer is made, your real estate agent will present the offer and negotiate with the buyer on your behalf. The buyer’s contract may include contingencies, like passing inspection, professional cleaning or require specific repairs.

6 – Closing process – The closing includes multiple steps, including inspections, appraisals, title insurance, and the buyer’s mortgage process.

Working with a real estate agent takes time and money. The process for selling a home with a real estate agent may take up to six months depending on the contract requirements and the current real estate market.

The Traditional Real Estate Closing Process

Once you receive and accept an offer for your home, the traditional real estate closing process takes between 30 and 45 days. Not only does the process take time, but it includes specific contractual deadlines for each step. If any of the deadlines are missed, the buyer may have the right to walk away from the deal.

Just because you have an offer and begin the closing process doesn’t mean the deal is guaranteed. The main reason the closing process takes time is due to the buyer’s mortgage requirements.

Most mortgage companies require a home inspection and appraisal. If the appraisal comes back for lower than the purchase price, the mortgage company will only extend the loan for the appraised amount.

Also, a mortgage company may not approve a loan if a home is dilapidated or in disrepair.

Another step with a mortgage lender is with a title insurance company to ensure the property doesn’t have any other liens. This is to determine if anyone besides the seller has rights to the property.

The buyer must complete several steps in order to secure financing with the mortgage lender. The buyer must provide proof of their financial condition in order for the mortgage to receive final approval.

Once all of the steps are completed, the final closing is held and the buyer takes ownership of the property. At this point, you are finally paid minus the closing costs, fees, and real estate agent commission.

The Closing Process with a Cash Real Estate Buyer

The process for selling a house for cash to a real estate investor is much quicker and smoother. Not only that, but your risk of the deal falling through is much lower. In fact, with an as-is cash deal, the timeframe may be as short as two to three weeks.

The main requirement to sell to a real estate investor is a free and clear title. Like with a traditional closing, your property can’t have outstanding liens, and you must have the right to sell the home.

We work with a title company to handle the title research and closing. The process to ensure the title is clear is why it takes two to three weeks.

With We Buy Houses Cash KC, we do need to see your home in person before we finalize the offer. However, this is so we can ensure we’ll deliver on what we promise. This means that we offer a fair price for the market value and condition of your property.

Once your clear title is signed over, you receive the cash price for your home. Our goal is to simplify the process for you to sell your home quickly and fairly.

Sell Your House Quickly Kansas City

If you need to sell your Kansas City home fast, trust We Buy Houses Cash KC to deliver on our promises. We offer an alternative way to sell your house without going through a real estate agent. You can avoid commission fees, costly repairs, and inconvenient buyer showings and open houses.

Sell your home in the timeframe you want and receive the cash you need. When you sell to a real estate investor for cash you save time and money. Contact us today to get started.