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We Buy Houses Kansas City

This is the time to sell! You’re ready to make the move. Whether you’re upgrading into your dream home or downsizing into an airstream, you want every penny you can get. You may have started investigating how to sell your house on your own. While we applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, there are many hurdles you could encounter if you don’t bring a professional to the closing table. But, don’t give up! More and more people are choosing non-traditional routes for home sales in KC.

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How to Get Cash For Your House

Getting cash for your house can be achieved in a few ways. Some people want to sell their house on their own. Here is an example of some of the steps you would have to take:

  • Price your home
  • Get a flat fee listing from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service: this will be local to Kansas City).
  • Learn all of the laws and be sure you are in compliance (some agreements about the Fair Housing Act, for instance, can be found online).
  • Market your home. This includes advertising it with physical signs and on digital platforms (note, it will cost some money to do this).
  • Prepare your house for showing.
  • Have open houses and showings.
  • Negotiate with the buyer.

Keep in mind that selling your house without a realtor will take time. There are many online resources but you want to be sure that you are using reputable guides through the process. It may be advisable to at least consult a real estate agent if you want to do this.

You can see that there is a lot of red tape and research involved in selling your house this way. This also means that you won’t get cash for your house: it will be a traditional sale. There are alternative options for cashing out on your home. Businesses like We Buy Cash KC will buy your house, giving you cash to move on. Sound great? Read on.

Can You Get Cash For Your House in Kansas City?

The average homeowner in the United States will spend over $18,000 selling their home. What’s more, 61% of people who try to sell their home without a realtor have never done it before. 80% of homeowners will have to do some repairs on the home before it is ready to sell. The average price for that is about $5,000. The hidden costs can be surprising.

One of the quickest and most lucrative ways to sell your house is to sell it to a company that buys houses for cash in Kansas City. For instance, We Buy Cash KC gives cash offers for houses with little to no logistics. Even without an official inspection, you can sell your house for cash in a short time frame. This frees you up to buy something new or gives you cash for your next adventure.

Should You Sell A House Without a Realtor in Kansas City?

Every market is different. As you approach less traditional options for selling your home, it’s important to know your area.

Did you know that over the last three months in Kansas City:

Homes often receive one offer before selling

Homes may sell for 3% under list price

Homes located near in-demand areas can go pending in as little as eight days

If you don’t have a realtor lined up, listing your home on the market could very quickly become a real challenge. If you decide that selling your house without a realtor is not the right option for you, there is another way to go. We buy houses in Kansas City and can give you cash for your house.

We Buy Houses in Kansas City

We Buy Cash KC is a reputable company that has helped hundreds of homeowners by paying cash for houses. There are many ways that we are unique and why this is an experience sellers choose:

Need to move fast? We can buy your house in as little as seven days.

Is your home in need of repair? We will buy homes as they are, with no repairs required.

Do you want to save money? Our process does not require you to pay any closing costs or commissions.

Want to cut all of the red tape out? We don’t require professional inspections, appraisals or even walk-throughs.

Ready to get cash for your home? We will buy your house, all cash, quick!

We buy many different kinds of homes. Maybe you inherited a home that you need to sell, have back taxes or a home in foreclosure. All of these are eligible! When you want to sell a house without using a realtor, you can go the tedious, perilous, DIY method outlined above. But if you value your time and don’t want to waste your money, opting for a cash transaction may be the right choice for you.

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Sell My House Fast Kansas City- We Buy Houses Kansas City

Ready to make the move? We make it easy for you to step into the next stage of life with the cash from your home. Here’s how it works:

Fill out the form with your basic info OR call us at (816) 885-6441.

We will assess your home (minus needed repairs) and make an offer.

You accept the offer.

An initial purchase agreement solidifies our agreement.

After the title company does their work, we move forward.

At closing, the transaction is final and the title company gives you cash for your house.

People choose We Buy Cash KC because we care. We have some core values that shape every transaction. We believe in doing honest business, which means giving each client the fair price for their home. Our team won’t just talk about results or make promises. Each of us is committed to doing what’s best for you.

We Buy Cash KC is local to the Kansas City area and we believe in this community. Our work is always to do what’s best: each home, each family, each neighborhood. We are involved in local charities and thrive in this diverse and vibrant area. We aren’t tycoons from some unknown location. Our track record speaks for itself: we do what’s best.

If you want someone to buy your house for cash in Kansas City, this is the right option for you!