Sell Your House Fast Kansas City- Probate Homes

Sell Your House Fast Kansas City- Probate Homes

The Benefits of Selling Your Probate Property to a Real Estate Investor

Sell Your House Fast Kansas City!

When we lose a family member or loved one it’s a difficult time. Along with the grief comes the financial details to sort out. One of those details is the deceased person’s owned property, like real estate. The process for the property allocation differs based on the specific factors involved.


For example, a property without a will is different than a property with a will. Plus, not every heir wants to take ownership of the property or home. Also, navigating the probate process isn’t always easy.


At We Buy Cash KC, we work with heirs and beneficiaries to purchase probate properties in Kansas City. We offer compassion and understanding during the process of buying the home to make the transition as smooth as possible.


What is a Probate Property?

Probate is the legal process that a deceased person’s assets go through to determine total assets and money owed. Owned property becomes part of the probate process. Before the distribution of assets to the heirs, the court distributes funds for any liabilities.


The court then evaluates a will, if there is one, and distributes the remaining assets to the heirs. The process manages the estate from a legal perspective. The probate process can take up to a year, and sometimes more, to complete.


Sell Your House Fast Kansas City – Probate Properties

If you do not want to keep a property you’ve inherited, you have options. One option for a probate property includes selling the house to a real estate investor. A real estate investor, like We Buy Cash KC, purchases properties as an investment. Usually, the real estate investor does not plan to live in the home.


Instead, the investor decides the best plan for the property. Depending on the condition and location of the property, the investor may use various investment strategies for the property. For example, for a home in poor condition, the property may work well as a fix and flip. This is when the property receives rehabilitation with improvements to then resell.


Some properties make a good fit for short-term or long-term rental properties. This buy and hold strategy works well for a variety of property types. The investor usually makes improvements to the property before renting it out.


We Buy Cash KC buys many different types of properties in all conditions. We buy houses in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, including probate properties.


Benefits of Selling Your Probate Property to an Investor

Inheriting a property doesn’t always work well for your life. While it is a gift, it also comes with responsibilities. Oftentimes heirs don’t have the financial resources to manage the property. Also, for out of state heirs, they may not have the time to deal with selling the property.


Here are a few benefits for selling your probate property to an investor:

  • A short timeframe to close on the deal – Typically selling a home through traditional channels with a real estate agent and buyer’s mortgage takes up to 45 days. We buy houses in Kansas City in as short as seven days.
  • Sell as-is – We do not require you to fix up the house or make repairs. You don’t even need to clean the home. We will buy your Kansas City home in its current condition.
  • Avoid commission fees – Real estate agents offer a valuable service, and you pay for that with commission fees. Avoid commission fees cutting into your profits. We buy houses in Kansas City without the need for a real estate agent.
  • No inspection – We do not require a professional home inspection before we purchase a probate property. Because we buy the house as-is, an inspection isn’t a necessary part of the purchase process.
  • Leave the belongings in the home – Another cost and time-consuming part of inheriting a home is cleaning out the belongings in the home. We do not require you to clear out the home. We will do it as part of the purchase. You can simply take what you want and leave the rest.
  • Inherit money instead of property – If you already have a home, don’t live in the area or simply don’t want to own the house, you can sell it for the money instead. In this case, you walk away with cash from the deal rather than the financial burden of property ownership.


Is Selling a Probate Property the Best Choice?

Only you can decide if selling the inherited property is the best choice for you and your family. You may hear that selling to a real estate investor means you will receive a lower price for the home. This is true on the surface.


However, if you consider the amount of money it takes to prepare a home to sell through the traditional real estate channels, the result may not seem so great. Plus, you save an enormous amount of time and effort.


Consider the costs to clean, repair, move out unwanted items and pay real estate agent commissions. It all adds up. Some people do not have the money to put into preparing a home for sale.


Selling an inherited home to a real estate investor is a smart decision. We have the resources to manage all the necessary steps in the process. This could take the stress out of inheriting a home.


If you have recently inherited a home, consider all your options before you decide. Working with a real estate investor could produce the best outcome for you.


Move Forward with Your Probate Property- We Buy Houses Kansas City

Don’t let inheriting a property overwhelm you. At We Buy Cash KC, we work with heirs of probate properties to find the right solution for you. We buy houses in Kansas City for cash with short closing times and in their current condition.


We have a track record for offering empathy and understanding in the purchase process for probate properties. We also have a reputation for treating our clients well throughout the home purchase process

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